General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Services

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are an integral part of the agreement (“Agreement”) that governs your utilization of marketing or email data and services provided by and its affiliated businesses (“”). These services and data are collectively referred to as the “Services.”

1. Ownership

(a) The term “ Property” encompasses all programs, files, systems, documentation, information, content, graphics, page layouts, site designs, user interfaces, work product produced by, and derivative works thereof. This includes but is not limited to the websites made accessible by, any HTML programming executed in providing you with the Services, and any other specialized programs, functionalities, interfaces, or other work product, ideas, concepts, or techniques developed, used, or relied upon by in providing the Services.

(b) All Property shall remain the exclusive property of

2. Limitations on Use

(a) Without prior written authorization from, you shall refrain from sharing, selling, transferring, or otherwise making the Services available to any third party. You shall also take reasonable measures to prevent the misuse or unauthorized use of the Services by third parties.

(b) You shall not make any reference to or your use of the Services in any of your advertisements or promotional or marketing materials.

(c) The Services shall not be used for consumer credit purposes, consumer insurance underwriting, employment purposes, tenant screening, or any other purposes not expressly authorized by the Agreement or covered by applicable consumer protection laws.

3. Your Responsibilities; Use of Email Data; Review and Audit

(a) Your utilization of the Services shall adhere to all applicable federal, state, local, and foreign laws, regulations, and guidelines, including those pertaining to telemarketing, email and facsimile marketing, customer solicitation, and the Direct Marketing Association (“DMA”) guidelines, if you are not a DMA member, you shall make every effort to comply with their guidelines.

(b) Your use of any email data shall comply with all applicable laws, including the CAN-SPAM Act, COPPA, and State Registry laws.

(c) retains the right to review your use of the Services for compliance with this Agreement. However, such review, or lack thereof, shall not signify acceptance of such use, waive any rights of, or diminish your obligations regarding the Services. may conduct audits of your records, upon at least 3 days’ notice, to ensure compliance with this Agreement, and you shall provide all necessary records for such audits.

4. Service Interruption

You acknowledge that temporary interruptions in service may occur due to the technical nature of resources required by to provide the Services. Such interruptions shall not hold liable to you or others, nor suspend or relieve your payment obligations to or provide you with refund rights for previously paid amounts.

5. No Assignment by You

You may not assign your rights or obligations under this Agreement to any other individual or entity without prior written consent from Any attempt to do so shall be null and void.